Stay Home and Eat Healthy Challenge!

Wellness@Work is pleased to announce starting May 4:

The Stay Home and Eat Healthy Challenge!

For now, we’re all changing the way we eat – eating out less, preparing more food at home. And we’re all changing our shopping habits – buying more food to stock our shelves for a week or two of meals.  These changes can lead to healthier eating –

In this 4 week Challenge, we will focus on four “Eat Healthy” Themes:

Week #1: No added sugar

Added sugars are often hiding in food we wouldn’t think of. This first week will challenge us to read labels and re-think our drinks & snacks.

Week #2: Get healthy with fruits and veggies

Fruits & vegetables provide vitamins, minerals and fiber. Week #2 will challenge us to increase the number of servings to the recommended 5-9 per day.

Week #3: Go lean with protein

Meat, poultry, fish, beans, nuts and soy are some of the great sources of protein, which provide energy and vital nutrients. This week we will be challengee to choose lean, healthy protein-rich foods.

Week #4: Fill up on fiber-rich whole grains

Grains such as bread, pasta and rice provide fiber and half of all grains should be whole grains. This final week will challenge us to choose whole-grain products like whole-wheat pasta, whole-wheat crackers, whole-grain bread, rolled oats (oatmeal), and brown or long-grain rice.

STEP 1: Sign up

               Contact Liska Lackey by May 4th at or 919-968-2796

               Liska will send all the information you need to participate:

  • Stay Home & Eat Healthy Log Sheet
  • Weekly emails with activities around each week’s theme

STEP 2: Earn points & enter them on your Log Sheet

               Daily points are earned for completing activities around each week’s theme

Bonus points are earned by participating in the May 20th Virtual Lunch & Learn:

  • Eat Food Safe, Stay in Shape

STEP 3: Submit points

               Send the Stay Home & Eat Healthy Log Sheet to Liska by June 8th

STEP 4: Win prizes!

               Everyone who submits logs will be enter into the drawing for prizes!



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