HRA Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the $25 gift cards for completing the HRA?

The gift cards can no longer be given out. The grant that funded the gift cards has ended, and moving forward, employees would have to report such gift cards on their taxes.

What will I receive for participating in the HRA?

  • Information to improve your health
  • Cost-sharing contribution for health insurance is waived
  • A personalized plan for follow-up based on your health needs and goals
  • A prize (insulated water bottle or lunch bag)

Does participating in the HRA mean that my cost-sharing contribution for health insurance is waived?

Yes, all employees who participate in the HRA will have their cost-sharing contribution for health insurance waived for that year. To keep the contribution waiver from year to year, the employee must participate every year.

Do I need to do the HRA every year? Do I need to complete the questionnaire every year?

The HRA Drive is held every spring and all employees enrolled in the Town’s Health insurance program are to participate every year, including completing a new questionnaire. By participating every year, you can be aware of potential health problems and set health goals with Wellness Clinic Staff. Also, by participating every year, your contribution for health insurance will be waived every year.

Can I use lab results done at my doctor’s?

Yes, if the results were within the past 6 months we can use them for the HRA. Please bring the results with you to the HRA clinic. The results we need are: Hemoglobin A1C, Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol and LDL Cholesterol.

What are the incentives for reaching personal health goals?

Employees can set a goal for Tobacco cessation, 10% weight loss, improved blood pressure, diabetes, and improved cholesterol.  If you meet that goal in 6 months, you will receive a $100 gift card.

Maintain your goal for another 6 months and receive another $100 gift card.

Do I have to make an appointment for the HRA or can I “walk-in”?

During a HRA clinic, staff are able to see up to 40 employees. Making an appointment allows staff to better prepare but walk-ins are ALWAYS welcome (up to 40 participants per clinic).

I can’t make it to any of the HRA Clinics. Are there other times I can do it?

Yes, you can come to any of the Wellness Clinic’s usual Walk-In Hours unless we are off site conducting a HRA Clinic. You can also schedule a routine clinic appointment.

Connect with the Wellness Clinic

Find out how to:

• Schedule appointments and communicate with a provider
• Take the annual Health Risk Assessment
• View your recent lab results, weights & blood pressures


317 Caldwell Street
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Housing Office, Lower Level

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Appointments are available weekdays 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

Walk-in services are available.

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