Program History

History of Wellness@Work

March 2011:

The Town of Chapel Hill & UNC Family Medicine partnered to establish a comprehensive wellness program called Wellness@Work (W@W).  A small committee with representatives from the Town and UNC began to meet to discuss operational needs and program goals.  The clinic officially opened in July 2011.  The needs identified by the committee were centralized space that was equipped to serve as a clinic, parking, & privacy. The lower level of Housing (317 Caldwell St Ext) was selected as the initial location. The clinic is still there today.

January/February 2012:

A W@W Wellness Committee was formed to encourage employee ownership.  The number of representatives from each department is based on departmental size. Subcommittees were also formed to work on communication, policy, and programming. The programming subcommittee is guided by aggregate data trends, employee input, the annual employee satisfaction survey, and best practices.

September/October 2012:

The Town established subsidized gym memberships for employees. (O2 Fitness purchased the original gym.) As an additional incentive for Health Risk Assessment participation, employees also began to have free access to Town gymnasiums & pools.

September/October 2015:

A part-time Nutritionist joined our full-time Nurse Practitioner & part-time Tobacco Specialist in the Employee Wellness Clinic.

June/July 2017:

Pre-65 Retirees with Town insurance could begin using  Clinic services. Within a year, dependents covered by Town insurance also became eligible to use Clinic services.

January 2019:

Began after-hours care at UNC Family Medicine Urgent Care Clinic, five days/week (Monday through Friday) from 5 to 9pm. It is free for all town employees covered under the town’s insurance, as well as their dependents, and pre-65 retirees.



Shared values and Goals of the Partners:

  • Improve access, quality of care, and overall health of Town employees
  • Engage employees and facilitate change in unhealthy behaviors
  • Help create a “Culture of Wellness”
  • Provide cost-conscious care


Connect with the Wellness Clinic

Find out how to:

• Schedule appointments and communicate with a provider
• Take the annual Health Risk Assessment
• View your recent lab results, weights & blood pressures


317 Caldwell Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Housing Office, Lower Level

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Appointments are available weekdays 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

Walk-in services are available.

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