Mindfulness Series Starts April 11

Wellness@Work is pleased to announce:

A Virtual Mindfulness series starting Thursday, April 11

Open to all employees, dependents and pre-65 retirees!

Cost: Only $20 for the first five people who sign up!

Register NOW – contact Liska Lackey, llackey@email.unc.edu or 919-968-2796.

Why Mindfulness?

  • To bring awareness to what is going on in our minds and bodies at any given moment, helping us slow down and live our lives more fully.
  • Develop a foundation of the classic practices of Mindfulness: Body Scan, Seated Meditation & Loving Kindness Meditation.
  • Access coping skills for stress related to any life circumstance, including pain and illness.
  • Experience life more fully; stepping out of “Auto Pilot” and living life from a place of reason and presence.

Instructor: Paula Huffman, from UNC’s Program on Integrative Medicine.

The total cost for the course is $80 but the Town is covering some of the cost!
Just $20 for the first 5 people who sign up, $40 for others who sign up

Dates: Thursday evenings starting April 11 through May 2
Time: 6 to 7:30pm
How: Virtually through Zoom
Cost: $20 for the 5 who sign up, then $40